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  1. Quest of the health points Go to the "Priscilla" NPC, located in Hyperion's inn. Talk to her and she will offer her services against good remuneration. Tell her "oui" and she will ask you the following items : - 2 elven fragments, obtainable through the elven fragment quest - 2 ultimate shards, obtainable through the ultimate shard quest - 100 million gold pieces Give her the following items, and she will in return give you the life potion, that you will have to give to a GM, who will increase your health points at their maximum value, taking into consideration your s
  2. Quest of the scalps, version 2 Go to Carnage Island, and talk to the "Un homme hystérique" NPC (to the North of the island). Tell him "ossements" and he will offer you to trade a scalps for your "something de bravoure" : - 5 scalps for an "os de bravoure" - 10 scalps for a "crâne de bravoure" - 20 scalps for a ''scalps de bravoure'' Be careful, he will trade all your "os de bravoure" / "crâne de bravoure" at once. Reward : Scalps
  3. Derp

    [Boss] Le dragon Ancestral

    Access to the Ancestral Dragon area : The Ancestral Dragon is a boss located in the Hell area. To access it, you have to be priest and you have to possess in your inventory 100 scrolls of suffering (parchemins de souffrances), that you can obtain by killing skelettons in Hell. Once you have this, go to the NPC Loptrys, located in the azteks area, after the invisible labyrinth. Get a celestial robe and wear it. Tell him "tâche", then " capable", then " secret", then "funeste", then "affronter". Loptrys will give you a scroll you need to activate when you are near your party. Double cl
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