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  1. Appearance of a boy? haha... funny Adrielle... how amazing can be a passionate wife? Here we say that love is blind, and, well, it's really true. haha... kidding about all of it... Happy birthday, Kharn!
  2. Req et bonus pour arc de l'amour
  3. After learn that spell, i realized that we can't renew it by two clicking at spell bar. That's a big problem if you think that you, during a pvp, will have to use a keyboard macro and find you in the battlefield to use this spell... sometimes find the target is not that easy. I suggest that this spell could be like the new flammes, that we can only use it in ourselves (what will stimulate other people do the quest) without needing to find the target and with no delay. And, of course, with the possibility of renew it by two clicks. For the price and items needed in this quest, i think that
  4. After the last update, my pc can't patch... I receive some errors msgs and that doens't finish. Have another way to download the necessary files to play? Auto patch failed to me... tks!
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