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[EN] Charter of Carnage

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Charter of Carnage 2.0

Index:1. Behavior and Spelling
2. Personal Account
3. Channel usage
4. Animation team
5. Gameplay (PVP/PVM)
6. Sanctions
7. Role-play
8. Server Spirit

9. Legal Notice



1. Behavior and Spelling


A correct spelling is a sign of seriousness, credibility and respect.
For this reason, we are asking you to take care of your spelling. It is very unpleasant to spend time deciphering the words coming from your keyboard. Keep the eyes of the other players healthy, make an effort!
Keep in mind that a well written comment from you will always have more weight.


Provocation and mockery are not allowed.
We recognize that PVP causes an adrenaline rush and it is rarely pleasant to be killed. It goes without saying that calmness is necessary when it happens.
However, insults that undermine the integrity of another player, vexatious or bad tastes are strictly prohibited. Threats, pressures or any form of blackmail will be severely punished.

The etiquette

Any racist, discriminatory or biased mentions are strictly prohibited and will lead to exemplary sanctions. Be sure to keep in mind that we are in a game and we should, in all circumstances, respect all members of the community.


Carnage is a francophone server regrouping a lot of Anglophone players. We are offering to those ones some Translators. You are advised to contact first to these players.

2. Personal Accounts

Account trading

The staff of Carnage is not responsible for problems related to account trading. Such practice is at your own risks. Therefore, accounts and object stealing, character deletion and other problems related to this practice will not be restituted. The accounts belongs to the original owner.

Game accounts Security

We highly recommend using a different login and password from your email accounts and other accounts that you used on other servers to prevent account stealing by the Directors or players with access to previous data.

The Carnage staff does NOT have access to your password anymore. Therefore, it is impossible to recover passwords without reinitialising them.

Name choice

We are asking you, under penalty of having to change, to take a name that is appropriate for this type of MMORPG.
Your name should respect those rules:

- It should not be identical or similar to an NPC, object or element of the game.
- It cannot have a title of nobility
- It needs to be appropriate for this kind of MMORPG, even more for T4C.

The Animation team can decide at any time that your name does not meet the server policy.


All the renames are made by the « Scribe de Carnage ». He will be, sometimes, in his office near the Carnage fountain. All complete renames will cost 3 000 000 gold and all partial renames will be 500k gold.

Partial renames: Adding or removing a tag or name.
All complete rename must be at least 3 months from one another.
All renames with the objective to disappear after a penalty or bad behavior will not be accepted.

All renames will be displayed in real time on the web site or forum to keep track of the players.

Sex changes will be made if a name is female and vice versa.

3. Channel usage

CC Main: Channel used for exchange between players on various subjects. It is prohibited to use a language other than French on this channel.
CC Vente: Channel used to sell or buy objects.
CC Roleplay : Channel used for Role-play, make sure that you are using a role-play attitude. Smiley like, :s, irl comments, anachronism, […] are prohibited.
CC PvP: Channel used for PvP exchanges.
CC English: English Channel, allowing English players to participate in the life of Carnage.
CC Portuguese: Portuguese channel, allowing Portuguese players to participate in the life of Carnage.

It goes without saying that the respect of their usage is essential to enable the smooth running of the game.

Prohibited on all Channels !

- Drugs and alcohol
- Pornographic comments (Sexual jokes are tolerated if they are soft)
- Religion / Sect
- Politics
- Any non-constructive comments to the server, its community or its Staff that would fit in private with any member of the staff, such as “Lag of shit, a community of virgins ..."
- All discussions having for main goal to create a polemic.

All discussions and requests such as changing certain elements of the game should be made exclusively on the Forum privately or publicly.


Fake BID are now forbidden. Every player who participate to a BID and don't buy the item at the right price will be punish by 24 hours of jail.

Sanctions on Public, private or local Channel.

Violations can be punished without warning at the request of a player having an exact time or a screen / logs in private or directly by a staff member.

You should know that there is no “minor offense” when it comes to irrespective comment to other players.

The maximum delay between the violation and the complaint is 24 hours.

4. Animation Team

It’s Role

The team is there to create a pleasant atmosphere and ensure that the players are enjoying playing. The Gameplay capabilities are in their possession to facilitate aid for players, the proper functioning of an animation or any other action in the interest of the community. It is there to oversee the community and not depress it. Being players and working as volunteers, it is essential that they are respected and listened regardless of their function.


The team is there to help the community but they are not employed by the players. You must therefore comply with Part 1.a and say your demands to the right member of the Staff.

It is totally useless to ask the same thing over and over on different staff members. Indeed, the Staff is supportive and often, a member of the latter will go directly to his superior. In other situation he might invite you to do so if he can’t handle your request himself.

Impartiality and Confidentiality

No wrongdoing, preferably to a player will be accepted or tolerated.
A GM should not in any way abuse the flags available to him under pain of being revoked immediately.

Some of you will be able to occupy a position within the team, for this purpose it is strictly prohibited to disclose any information which may facilitate or interfere with other players.

If information is disclosed to a player, it can be to all others.

Respect of private life

The virtual world is a private domain away from material life. It is therefore imperative that you respect the choice of players not to disclose their country of origin or name, for example. We disclaim any responsibility for troubles that could be related to our community.

We will never ask you your first name, last name or address. It is the same for your account’s password.

5. Gameplay PVP/PVM

Any bug or design flaw encountered by players shall in no way be used or disclosed and MUST be reported to staff.

Each player must be physically located behind the screen while your avatar performs an action requiring the intervention of an individual (macros, commands, travel etc ...) and perform either the same actions.

All programs of automation are banned, even the most minor (self-macro, self-rebuff ...)

PvP is a major aspect of Carnage; which includes some rules that needs to be respected.


• Free PK (Watch for abuses*)
• Stealing items on the grounds that were there for a trade. (Watch for abuses)
• Mass PvP
• PvP in XP zones (Watch for abuses *)


• Making XP at an abnormally fast rhythm using a design flaw.
• Using directly or indirectly bugs or any weakness in the game. (Plug is part of this)
• Care of the temple or any other way to help or hurt another player. (PvP in a non-PvP zone with any kind of means)
• The attack type, "I get out in a PvP zone, I shoot, I get off the pvp zone, I get out again” and so on, if it is repeatedly used at the discretion of the staff.
• Interfere in any way in the game of others and repeatedly abused. This include players who let others kill himself many times to flood the cc main.
• The provocation of « taunt » type.
• The story of your PvP exploits outside of the PvP CC.

Beware of abuses: Any detrimental conduct that reduces the fun of other players.
Example: Killing the newcomers during an entire evening clearly leads to the departure of many players.

Points Changes

Points’ changing on Carnage is a pretty critical point and we do not tolerate more changes. The only issue is the Reroll Quest (Re-Starting to level 1) for Seraphim x 2 character and recreation for humans.

It is your responsibility to take your character and its characteristics more precisely, spells and abilities with possible errors that you have made.

Exceptionally, some changes will be granted at the sole discretion of Staff such as amendment of skills after the implementation of the Parade.

Some Tips

When you are doing trades: Do not deposit items the ground but use the direct transfer
Always have enough to survive the unexpected dual ... Mana / Potions
Once you get a rare item, make sure to put it in your personal chest, knowing that the possibility of losing it is there.


Definition: Any technique that allows you to disconnect from the game immediately
Why? : Anti-plug is bugging now. (Temporary)
You want to escape a PvP in peace? Recall (+ possibly plug).

When it is forbidden to plug:

- Escaping a PvP situation.
=> A player attacks you, or entangles you [...]
=> A player attacks you, you get to run away and hop you make a nice plug ... not remaining motionless for 10 sec.
=> Plug in a PvP area on Sanctuary, trying to hijack the rule of 10sec.

Authorized cases:

- PvP-OFF Zone
- Zone pvp ON « IF » :

=> Nobody has engaged an hostile action against you.
=> No hostile action or movement for 10 sec. (this period will be adjusted to see ...)

Best way of getting away is to RECALL!

These adjustments are not there to bully the players on a PvP server but to frame a minimum of order to see a nice PvP quality with some drops, loss of xp, some recalling,XP corner taking, Makrsh P’Thang’s PvP[...] and it is not a contest of who will do the most plug pvp / day.

Everything is at the discretion of the team that could use Logs to help is needed.

Good faith is presumed for all players, any player trying to divert / criticize the system in order to undermine the smooth running of our community will be punished.

The coliseum is closed.

6. Sanctions

They are at the discretion of the team and include:

• Warning / Main Cut
• Prison sentences ranging from 10 minutes to several days.
• Gold Fine
• Loss of xp
• Temporary inability to cast spells or attack
• Gm could Freeze your Avatar
• Conviction in Court
• Death of your character (Slay)
• Remove your game account
• IP ban

Sanctions should never be asked in public to avoid the bad atmosphere.

7. Roleplay

It is not forbidden to create a Role-play situation however a return or participation is not mandatory from the other players while they may be pleasant outside Havrelune.

Havrelune’s Rules

Ombrelune Island is a Role-play Zone. You have an obligation to have a Role-play attitude as soon as you get on Ombrelune Island.

You must use parentheses when you are not speaking Role-Play.
Catches of cities, barracks and the final destruction of places cannot be played without a prior request to the Role-Play moderator.
Applications must be made by mp, motivated by a background corresponding to the general background of the server and remains at the sole discretion of Staff.

Anything that Carnage Lord decides cannot be questioned, and even more reversed without a following of Role-play actions.
So, when someone gets a Role-play role, he can lose it by a sequence of events, his own decision or the decision of the leadership team.

Anyone with a role on Ombrelune has duties and obligations, we remind you that the aim of this is to involve a maximum of people and create interaction. No role is final and may be reviewed at any time.

We also recall that the “superman” Role-play or Power play does not exist on Carnage. Nobody is the hidden son of Makrsh P’thang or of the Lord or Carnage ... Try to be realistic about your actions.

Free PK is not allowed in the zone of Ombrelune, you must initiate any combat.

Example: * pulls out his sword, and throws the first shot * * Decides to make a sneaky attack *.

The plug is prohibited. Losses and ranges are the same across all areas of Carnage.

After losing a fight you cannot go back into battle immediately. Remember, a battle where you got defeated deals damage to you...

The city of Havre-Lune and the barracks are voluntarily PvP Off. The rest of the island is PvP-On.

It is quite possible to see the emergence of other PvP-Off zones on the island following the development of it.

General Background of the server is available on the forum; also, always respect this last one, so your action does not cause inconsistency versus the Lord of Carnage for example.

On Ombrelune, you may encounter non-player characters portrayed by the animation team, it goes without saying that you should assume your acts and accept the consequences.
If you provoke a fight with the Grand Marshal for example, you should expect to suffer a defeat and leave some feathers.
You can avoid a fight but you should proclaim it in Role-play

Example: * Makes a recalling spell* * Prefer to flee the battle before dying * etc...
The sanctuary is also to be announced in a Role-play way * Uses a lot of ultimate protection *.

By participating, you agree to possibly die and lose items, xp or gold.

Any Non-Role-play attitude will be severely sanctioned. Sanctions can range from the death of your character with the losses that death occurs to total banishment of the area of Ombrelune, obviously going through prison box.

8. Server Spirit

Welcome to you, dear Carnage player.
A PvP dominated server.
The goal of the server is to recapture the spirit of Goa where the freedom of action of the players is the priority.

Remember that the goal is to give gamers the taste to live or relive the sensations of the Fourth Coming (t4c) while maintaining a fun and friendly spirit.

Carnage is a server that promotes openness, and respects the playing of everyone from the moment that they respect others. Each player plays for its own reasons. Therefore, it is undesirable to impose on others our style of playing.

Remember that the Fourth Coming is just a game ... Respect others at all times.

9. Legal Notice
Carnage is not affiliated with Dialsoft, Vircom or operator linked directly or indirectly to the Fourth Coming (T4c). We cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to others.

Carnage is operated by a Korean company wishing to remain anonymous. In accordance with local laws, it is not required to disclose the identity of an Internet service operator. The full data, materials, programs, technical resources are funded by the same entity.

Any person or entity affiliated with Carnage, whether a player, a staff member or member of the forum is anonymous. The violation of this right to anonymity including the purpose of making legal recourse will be a direct violation of our charter that you accept when you connect or display any material partially or totally of Carnage.

Any legal action must be made to the competent authorities of Namp'o (North Korea). It is recalled that there is no obligation to respect the rights relating to intellectual property or copyright by North Korea.

Some equipment such as servers (Bridge) located in European countries, intrusion attempts, hacking or data stealing without this list being exhaustive will be the subject of a complaint and prosecution one or more other companies that would be specifically mandated.

Our entire log systems, connections on all open ports, logs of Internet sites and proxy logs are transmitted to a frame-mail service, only qualified for authentication of our log files.

Furthermore, any information not originating from this firm or that has not been verified by them and presented in front of a court or authority will be presumed false and inadmissible. This includes, for example screenshots and logs customers.

Thanks to all contributors who have enabled the community to develop T4c giving us the knowledge and tools to develop our servers...

Carnage reserves the right to modify at any time and without any notice the conditions of use of its sites and services for the welfare of his community and his team.

Have fun.

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